Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips

With winter weather in the forecast, let’s review some winter driving tips. As you Snowknow, winter weather brings with it some additional challenges for traveling safely. In case you are involved in an accident or even stuck in the traffic behind one here are some tips to be prepared for delays:

  1. Purchase a car charger for your cell phone.
  2. Consider downloading an app like Waze that alerts you to weather and traffic conditions on your route.
  3. Pack a kit with a warm blanket, six pack of water, comfortable shoes, flashlight and energy bars.
  4. Check your spare tire for leaks and put a set of jumper cables in the trunk.
  5. If you’re traveling long distances, check in with loved ones as you leave and the midpoint of your trip.
  6. Pack your medications.
  7. Have your vehicle serviced regularly.
  8. Update your contact list to include your emergency contacts and physicians.
  9. Watch your local news before you head out the door. Things like black ice may not be evident unless you know to look for it.
  10. Renew your road assistance membership.

Make your safety on the road and others your top priority with our winter driving tips. When winter weather is a concern consider the conditions of your entire route before heading out the door. If you are involved in an auto accident and need legal assistance, contact The Lawyers of Brown & Roberto. We are ready to assist you!

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