Motorcycle Accidents in Tennessee

B&R Motorcycle Accidents

East Tennessee boasts thousands of miles of roadways that are idyllic for motorcyclists. Unfortunately, many motorists are not mindful of motorcyclists on the road. This is a growing issue with the increase in distracted driving. According to the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security, there were 166 motorcycle fatalities in 2018 in Tennessee.

The Deadliest Road for Motorcyclists

The “Tail of the Dragon,” an 11-mile stretch located on US 129, is one of the hottest destinations for motorcyclists around the world. But the Dragon is also considered one of the most dangerous roads in Tennessee for motorcyclists.

The Dragon has 318 total curves, so it’s not a road for sightseeing despite the fact that it’s surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest. Taking your eyes off the road for just a second can lead to devastating consequences.

Local police officers have increased their presence along the Dragon in an effort to help prevent life-threatening motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can happen anywhere.

Below are a few tips for preventing accidents and keeping yourself safe on the road.

1. Make Your Presence Known

Wear bright colors and add reflective elements to your apparel and your bike. Always use your headlight and if you’re not sure if a car driver sees you, honk your horn.

2. Wear an Approved Helmet at All Times

Tennessee requires that all motorcyclists, including drivers and passengers, wear a helmet. Some states don’t, but without one you’re twice as likely to suffer traumatic brain injury in a crash.

3. Gear Up

Regardless of the temps, wear long pants and thick sleeves, along with gloves and sturdy shoes that protect your ankles.

4. Be Alert

Watch for road hazards, including potholes, road debris, and standing water. Also be aware of other drivers on the road. Unfortunately, the reality is that most motorcycle accidents are caused by a car driver.

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