INVEST Winner Readies to Launch New Company

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Norman Anderson took home the grand prize in this year’s INVEST, a business competition for military veterans sponsored by The Lawyers of Brown & Roberto. Norman, a military marksman and marksmanship instructor with the U.S. Army, has designed a simple and affordable rifle sight.

It’s been six months since the competition, so we decided to check in with Norman to see what progress he’s made and how our firm’s investment has made a difference. He sent us the following report while competing in the 54th Annual Inter-Service Rifle Championships in Quantico, VA.

It has become increasingly difficult to accomplish everything that the business requires while still on Active Duty in the Army, so I have decided to put in for my retirement at the end of this year to dedicate my time and energy to it.  I’ve also decided to take on a partner, a successful businessman with a large network of resources. This is allowing us to move forward more quickly than I could have on my own.

Together we are working on finalizing the logo, producing promotional videos, and spreading the word through social media outlets. We are doing our homework to ensure that we are not infringing on any copyrights or trademarks with the name we have chosen, and we are beginning to gather the materials necessary to produce our initial inventory for retail.  We are striving for a July 4th media launch and anticipate being able to take orders at that point.

As I continue to show the product around, people consistently have the same reaction. They are amazed with the speed at which the image is acquired as well as with the image clarity.  More than fifty people have told me that they want to be our first customer, which is a great sign. We are confident that we have developed a viable product that will meet the demands of the consumer at a price point that is also consumer friendly.  We are all excited in anticipation of the launch. 

It amazes me what an effort it requires to put this into motion, but we are confident in both our plan and the people that we have in place.  As we grow, we do anticipate moving to a dedicated location and will keep the business in the Knoxville area.

Join us in wishing Norman and his team continued success.  The Lawyers of Brown & Roberto have hoped that, by investing in veteran entrepreneurs, more and more jobs will be created for our returning heroes. It sounds like Norman is on his way to helping make that dream a reality.

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