Be Kind to Lawyers?

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KFD Station 18Join us in celebrating national Be Kind to Lawyers Day! Yes. It’s a real thing. We’re not exactly sure how, when, or why it got started, but apparently, the second Tuesday of April is set aside as a special day to be kind to lawyers. (Though we can’t really understand why anyone would ever be unkind to lawyers.)

Don’t be alarmed, though. You should be able to go about your day with limited interruptions. We understand that the post office, banks, and public schools all decided to remain open anyway. (Probably because of all the snow days this year.)

How do you Celebrate?

So, how will you be celebrating? Last year we kept the office open late waiting for a deluge of flowers, cards and gifts that never really Q100 Glenn & Krishamaterialized. This year we decided to try something different. We celebrated with some random acts of kindness of our own.

We stopped by the Knoxville Fire Department’s Station #18 in Bearden to surprise them with some donuts from Krispy Kreme. These are the guys who responded to the fire at St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church on Sunday. We are so grateful for their expertise, courage, and dedicated service to our community.

We had a little more time and a few more donuts, so we decided to drop in on our friends at Journal Broadcast Group. Marc and Kim from Star 102.1 have been great partners to us. We have enjoyed working together and we appreciate their commitment to serving our community as well. We also had a chance to meet Glenn and Krisha, hosts of the Q100.3 morning show!

Looking for a Lawyer?

We understand that being kind to lawyers is not something you typically think about. Hopefully that is because you’ve never needed one. But if you ever do, we hope that you’ll consider us. With more than 75 years of combined experience and more than $45 million recovered for our clients, The Lawyers of Brown & Roberto are serious lawyers, who know how to win. We are committed to serving our clients and our community, so when you hire us, you can be confident that we are working and fighting for you and that we are reinvesting in this community that we call home. For more information, call 691-2777 or visit


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