Recovering Damages When Cited in a Car Accident

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car accidentOften more than one driver will be cited in a car accident. If you are cited for an accident, can you still be compensated for injuries or property damage? The answer to that question depends on a couple of different things.

What was the citation for?

Many people get cited for not having insurance, not wearing a seat belt, or not having a driver’s license. These types of citations are not directly related to the accident and shouldn’t prevent you from pursuing a claim for injury or damages.

Who caused the accident?

Sometimes it does not matter what you were cited for or charged with at the accident scene. Depending on the circumstances, it may be clear that another driver is at fault, even though you also were cited. There are both statutes and court case law that guides who was at fault in a car accident.

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An experienced car accident lawyer will look at all of the facts and advise you as to whether a citation will impact your claim for injuries or damages. Every car wreck claim is unique and it is important that you protect your rights.

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